Barry Road Animal Hospital maintains a full-line veterinary pharmacy on site. For the client this means that the usual medications that the veterinarian prescribes can be picked up at the time of your visit, eliminating the need to go elsewhere to have them filled, or waiting days for the prescriptions to be delivered from an internet pharmacy.

All of our medications are guaranteed by the manufacturer and veterinary medical distributors, so that if there was a recall or an issue with the medication, it would be replaced quickly. Internet pharmacies are unable to provide this service for you.

We offer a full line of heartworm preventatives and flea & tick products that we recommend with confidence. Many of these products have free dose and/or rebate offers that we provide for you. Usually this means our prices are less expensive than the internet pharmacies. If the convenience of home delivery is important to you, we do have a link to Vet Source, our internet pharmacy that stocks a full line of veterinary products and food, with guarantees in place just like purchasing directly from us.

We stock a complete line of i Vet Healthy Gourmet Professional Formula diets for dogs and cats. i Vet is a veterinary only diet for the puppies and kittens, and adults . They also have a reduced calorie formula for the overweight pets. i Vet contains a digestive friendly protein and ingredients like oatmeal and rice. It contains no soy, wheat or corn and is enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids. Trial bags are available at a reduced price.

We also carry a full line of Hills Prescription diets designed for feeding to pets with various medical conditions that require special needs.