Pain Management

Diagnosing and treating pain is a very difficult thing to do when it comes to caring for your animal. You may ask why this is, and it is very simple: animals have an instinct to hide pain from any and all creatures. If your animal is in pain, you may only know this due to some signs that they exhibit, although some are very minimal in nature. Lack of appetite, whining when chewing or scratching, limping and in some instances--aggression, are all signs an animal will show when they are in pain.

Barry Road Animal Hospital treats pain through oral medicine, surgery and laser therapy. All three are sometimes used in conjunction when the issue is very severe, such as traumatic injury or major surgery. Acute pain is usually treated with a higher dose of pain medication but at a shorter period of time. Chronic pain is treated with lower doses of medication, but can be done for longer periods of time. The staff at Barry Road Animal Hospital is very experienced and educated when it comes to correctly diagnosing and treating pain in animals.